Why is lead generation important for your business?

The power of spearfishing

Lead generation is the very soul of each business. Without leads, there is no business. In order for a business (any type of business) to profit, it must have clients. To have clients it must generate them. In B2B(business to business) particularly, there are 3 different sources of generating leads globally know in the market:

  • Seeds: It is usually the lead generation that flows naturally. Word of mouth. They have a very high conversion rate and are attracted organically. To get such high-quality leads, the main channels used are: customer referrals, public relations, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing and communities.

But of course, there will always be negative points and this type of lead is called a seed (seed) for a reason: the harvest takes time. To get seed-type leads, you need to create a close relationship with your lead, to the point that the purchase becomes an almost natural path – but creating that relationship takes time.

The customer already knows who you are, what you do, what you believe in, and all he needs is a push to buy.

  • Nets: When the goal of the company is not to have the highest conversion, but to capture a large number of people or companies. For this reason, these leads are called Net (network). It’s really like throwing a net in the sea, you’ll find different types of fish, of different sizes, as well as garbage, seaweed, and everything in between – but there will also be good fish in the middle.

The main channel used here is Inbound Marketing, where the company will provide some dense content, such as an ebook or a webinar related to the topic that clients are looking for, infographics, institutional videos, in exchange for the lead’s contact information.

Traditional advertising campaigns also come in here, where you make an ad for a large number of companies. 

  • Spears: In Spear leads,  you’re fishing with a harpoon or a spear. You know exactly who you’re going to hit, and you’re going to target the right fish (the company that you really want to get).

Within Spear-type leads, the main channel used will be outbound sales, where a team of salespeople carry out active prospecting, contacting companies that have a greater fit with their product and directing them to conversion.

To carry out active prospecting in the right way, it is important to have a very well prepared team, after all, selling by cold calling is not easy. But if you carry out a well-done process from the beginning, selecting the right contacts, mapping the pain points and showing the benefits of your solution, surely this strategy has the potential to bring the most fascinating results!

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