What we do

We Immerse OurselvesIn Your Business

In the most basic terms, we immerse ourselves in your business, map your market in each country, then bring you interested and qualified potential customers. With our support, you then close the deal.

What we do

Core Services and Process

In the most basic terms, we immerse ourselves in your business, map your market in each country, then bring you interested and qualified potential customers. With our support, you then close the deal.

Immersion, market intelligence and mapping

we start by immersing ourselves in your business and offering, identifying the key features that will most engage your target prospects in each Latin American country, depending on job function and sector. We then conduct a rigorous mapping exercise, using a combination of technology tools to build a database of individuals in target, high-value companies or accounts, agreed with you in advance. We then test each contact’s email address for validity and deliverability. This mapping covers multiple personas in each target company (not only the ultimate decision maker, but also the “owners of the problem”), focusing specifically on who deals with the pain point within this company or department  

Localisation of sales messaging, assets and literature

based on our analysis of the local market nuances, needs and demand for your offering, we then support you to localize your sales assets and literature, ensuring they are both effective and culturally appropriate for your target prospects and business segments, creating an attractive narrative set you apart from the competition 

Technology set up, configuration and email cadence design

drawing on best practices of Outbound Prospecting, combining methodologies from industry leaders such as Aaron Ross, Lincoln Murphy and Stelly Efty, only “tropicalized” for the Latin American market, our specialist team will design effective one-to-one, natural-sounding message cadences, each optimized to generate maximum response rates from your ideal customers. Once these are approved, we then configure and set up messaging intervals and sequences using the most effective technology tools and team workflows to execute the campaign

Outbound prospecting and ongoing campaign execution and optimization

we initiate ongoing data-driven outreach campaigns to your pre-approved target prospects, continually monitoring live performance metrics and alerts to proactively engage the hottest leads through Y-Funnel strategy tactics (approaching highly-engaged prospects through more than one channel), taking advantage of short windows of interest and opportunity, working in close partnership with your sales or business development team. More immediate or urgent actions and results are sent to our clients in real time, so no opportunities are wasted

Reporting and counsel

we deliver detailed weekly reports showing metrics for all prospects engaged, including response temperature tagging (Hot lead, Neutral response and No Fit/Bad timing etc.), as well as learnings and optimisations to be applied in next steps, which are also the subject of our regular calls with clients 

Background briefings, facilitation and translation support for sales meetings

we support you in scheduling meetings, providing background briefing materials on the parties and companies present as well as translation services if required


this part is normally down to you. Your sales or business development team takes over communication with the prospect to bring the deal to a conclusion. We can also provide sales representation support if required.

Financial consultancy and due diligence

our specialist finance team can then support you in conducting due diligence on potential partners and customers, offering risk management strategies, contracting advice, and comprehensive financial analysis to ensure informed decision-making. Additionally, we provide guidance on regulatory compliance, financial forecasting, and financial structuring for your outbound finance activities.