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We have decades of experience of supporting international companies operating in Latin America, from blue chip, global brands, to early stage start-ups covering sectors as diverse as finance, fintech, IT, SAAS, retail, cyber, travel, logistics, professional services and education.

Our work has a direct and traceable impact on your revenues, whatever your stage in region, and whatever your sector, if you are looking to increase your B2B sales we will be happy to talk!

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Three very different stories and skill sets, but three sets of experience that all led to one conclusion.

Alasdair Townsend

Diego Espindola

Leonel de Oliveira

Our founders come from three distinct business backgrounds. Alasdair Townsend is a founder of a multi award-winning PR and digital marketing agency, and has specialized in supporting international businesses operating in Latin America over the last ten years. Diego Espindola is a guru in outbound marketing and formerly the first employee and leading specialist at one of Brazil’s most innovative outbound marketing and prospecting platforms. Leonel de Oliveira is an international CFO, with more than 30 years experience of implementing cross border finance and business development strategies.

Across our different specialisms, almost all our international B2B clients all had experienced the same challenges when it came to new business prospecting while operating in the complex environment of Latin America.

PR and marketing campaigns sometimes generated great levels of awareness and interest that sales teams struggled to convert into meaningful business. Outbound prospecting software and technology were not being deployed effectively to maximize growth, utilizing appropriate, country-level strategies, optimisations and reporting metrics. International expansion plans were being limited by complexities relating to payments, compliance and costly tax regimes.

We have supported companies such as

Why is Unlock LATAM a game changer?

It was clear our clients needed a new solution, a bridge between marketing, finance and sales functions. The idea for Unlock Latam was born: a dedicated new business development and prospection consultancy, uniquely specialized in supporting international companies operating in the Latin American region.

Whether you are are launching in Latin America for the first time, or looking to grow your existing presence, Unlock Latam’s services, way of working and precision methodology are specifically designed to enhance and turbocharge your existing local business development operation, minimizing costs, maximizing efficiencies and growing your revenues in predictable and measurable way.

Our service, skills and methodology have been developed and refined organically, in response to our international clients’ very real needs and the specific problems presented by the Latin American region.

We are not just technology specialists; we are not just copywriters, storytellers or marketiers; we are not business development representatives; we are not just cross border finance specialists: we are all of these things, with a genuinely unique mix of experience and expertise in supporting international companies in the region.

Our team is completely bi-lingual, with decades of experience supporting international businesses in Latin America, and our ways of working are specifically designed to support and enhance the work of cross border teams.

Whether they be from fintech, SAAS, finance, property, security, logistics or any other B2B business sector, we provide our clients with a precision service that generates planned growth with genuinely predictable results.