B2B marketing trends:keys to success in 2024

The focus on what adds value is what makes a big difference in the world’s leading companies. Knowing what the emerging best practices and B2B trends in 2024 are is essential to reap significant results in your marketing and sales efforts.

Nobody can fall asleep. For those at the forefront of marketing and sales strategies, understanding data, knowing trends, and staying ahead is imperative for medium and long-term success in B2B.

It is key to ensure that we are fully prepared for what is to come. Here, are the topics B2B marketers should focus on to stand out in 2024.

Emphasis on customer experience

In 2024, B2B marketers will need to prioritize the customer experience above all else. This means focusing on delivering value to customers at every touchpoint, from the initial point of contact to the final sale and beyond.

Check the look on the top funnel

The data shows it: you are unlikely to get customers if buyers don’t know about you before they hit the market. With the volume of information and the large number of impacts that a customer has today, it is key to rethink how to reach them long before their need reaches their purchasing plans.

Building brand awareness among B2B buyers has never been more important. According to a report by Bain and Google, nine out of ten buyers already have a set of suppliers in mind before conducting any research and will choose their next supplier from them. There is no place for those who arrive late, and we cannot underestimate the importance of making ourselves known.

The upper funnel becomes key in the new commercial context and in the journey that the customer takes until they define their purchase. There you have the opportunity to connect with your audience, convey your values ​​and attract the attention of those who could become potential clients in the future.

The importance of content in the upper funnel

As we all know, the upper funnel refers to the initial stage of the customer buying process, where the main objective is to generate awareness and attract the attention of the target audience.

In this phase, the importance of content is crucial to making your brand, product, or service known to a wider audience. Engaging, educational, or entertaining content can capture the attention of people who are not yet familiar with what you offer.

Additionally, it is the ideal vehicle to establish trust and credibility in your niche or industry. Providing valuable and relevant information can position you as an authority on the topic and gain the trust of consumers.

While the upper funnel focuses on awareness and attraction, valuable content can lay the foundation for long-term customer relationships. Once you’ve engaged users and provided them with useful content, they’re more likely to come back to you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Generative AI will take center stage in B2B

In 2024, generative AI (genAI) will take center stage in B2B outbound marketing. Its impact will be felt across nearly all marketing activities and will compel B2B marketers to address the challenges that come with using this evolving technology. 

GenAI will also bring about a renewed focus on brand reputation, the need to address data quality and reliability, and a desire for human interactions—like live events—as a counterbalance to AI-driven campaigns.

Invest in those who are out of the market and reach them with a good message

According to a study by LinkedIn Research, 95% of B2B buyers are not in the market you usually target. If you want to grow, you must fish outside the fish tank and also address those you do not yet know exist.

You should set your sights on the Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM), the portion of the total market in which your company can effectively market and sell its products or services.

SAM is important for marketing and sales strategies as it allows companies to focus on specific market segments where they can direct their efforts to maximize business opportunities and reach potential customers effectively. This allows them to focus their resources and efforts on areas where they can compete and grow more effectively.

Building and committing to invest in this important group is the only way to ensure that you create mental availability, meaning your brand will be remembered without needing a signal. Mental availability is achieved by creating unique experiences, which directly address the needs of your target audience.

It’s not a small thing: a significant amount of B2B content is boring and fails to speak to the audience as real human beings.

Segmentation and personalization

Improving the customer experience should be a top priority for B2B marketers, and segmentation and personalization are two pillars that make the difference.

Segmenting the B2B audience into specific groups and personalizing messages can improve marketing relevance and effectiveness, which in turn can increase ROI by targeting the right prospects with the right messages at the right time.

Personalization involves adapting strategies, communications, and offers to the specific needs and characteristics of each client or company with which you interact. The effectiveness of B2B marketing campaigns increases by targeting specific audiences with more relevant messages.

Personalization in B2B marketing can be achieved through data collection and analysis, customer segmentation, creation of targeted content, offering personalized solutions, and communication tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each customer or company.

Although it is often associated more with B2C marketing, personalization also plays a crucial role in the B2B space for several reasons:

  • Customization allows companies to better understand the individual needs of their customers and offer specific solutions, products, or services that fit their needs. This allows for stronger relationships, as trust and long-term loyalty are strengthened.
  • Personalized messages and proposals are more relevant and effective, as they are designed to address each client’s particular problems and challenges. By tailoring interaction, communication, and solutions offered to individual needs, the customer experience is improved, which can lead to greater satisfaction and retention.

Driving efficiency and ROI

In 2024 it will be increasingly important to achieve efficiency and improve the return on investment in B2B marketing. Automation and technology are great allies in that direction.

Knowing and using modern automation tools, robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and good data analysis can improve efficiency by streamlining processes and helping you target potential customers more effectively.

Analyzing and optimizing each stage of the B2B sales cadence can improve efficiency by reducing the time it takes to convert leads into customers.

Identifying and tracking key performance metrics (KPIs) is essential to take your business to another level in 2024. It is what allows a clear understanding of the impact and effectiveness of marketing strategies, which helps make more informed decisions to improve the ROI.

Stop, analyze, plan

Nobody can take anything for granted. We will have to study and learn more than ever. Generative AI will have a bold impact on the industry and nothing will be the same.

If in 2024 we want to take our business to a point of success and predictable revenue, we must be attentive to changes and have the flexibility to move quickly.

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